Salt Products

1- USB Salt Lamp

Computer friendly Salt Lamp, used with Laptops or PCs. Helps in reducing the EM radiations which are being emerged from PCs and Laptops.

Different shapes in crafted and natural designs can be made with USB cable and bulb.

  • usb1
  • usb2
  • usb3

2- Natural Salt Lamp

Natural salt lamps are uncrafted salt lamps in different sizes. The size varies from 2kg to 50Kg size. These lamps are hand cut into different shapes. The lamps are available with Wooden base as well as Marble base.

3-Crafted Salt Lamps/Salt Products

Crafted Salt Lamps and Crafted Salt Products are the big rocks of salt, crafted on lathe machines into different shapes and sizes. We have available different shapes like pyramid, ball, eye drops, candle, ashtrays, Bowls, Etc. Any workable shape can be made as per customer’s demand. Some pictures of our Crafted Salt Lamps and Products are below

4- Salt Tiles

Pakistani Pink Himalayan salt blocks, plates, platters, and bricks can be used for grilling and chilling, curing, baking, salting, plating, bathing, and contemplating.

• Use as a Cure for Respiratory Deseases

Natural salt Bricks & Tiles are used to make Spelotherapy cabins. Spelotherapy cabin means a room or area having its floors and walls erected by using only salt crystal Rock Bricks and Tiles Where people sit and breathe ionized air i.e. enrich natural negative ionized inner atmosphere produced through ionization process by crystal Rock Salts.

Lights behind Rock Salt walls warm the walls and produce beautiful, soothing and relaxing environment.

Speleotherapy is a natural health alternative treatment for asthma, respiratory conditions, immune system disorder and illnesses, used extensively in Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Rep. and Armenia etc.

Breathing Himalayan Salt air has been found to ease and even significantly diminish the symptoms of respiratory issues such as Allergies and Asthma. This healthy benefit of the salt, obtained simply by heating the salt with a light bulb, along with it's various beautiful shades of color, have been driving factors in the growing trend of it's use as a wonderful home decor element!

• Used as a Cooking Medium

The delicious, organic salt can be used to grill foods to perfection, infusing them with sensational gourmet flavour, while offering a truly unique presentation at your table.

Himalayan Salt Grill Blocks Cooking Serving Tiles grill all kinds of foods to perfection, cooking right on the salt! This “salt grill” technique imparts the rich flavor of “Pink Salt” to your favorite dishes, making salt blocks an instant sensation with food lovers.

5- Animal Licking Salt

A salt lick is a salt deposit that animals regularly lick.

A mineral lick (also known as a salt lick) is a place where animals can go to lick essential mineral nutrients from a deposit of salts and other minerals. Mineral licks can be naturally occurring (natural licks) or artificial (such as blocks of salt that farmers place in pastures forlivestock to lick). Natural licks are common, and they provide the biometals (sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and trace elements) required in the springtime for bone, muscle and other growth in deer and other wildlife, such as moose, elephants, tapirs, cattle,woodchucks, domestic sheep, fox squirrels, mountain goats and porcupines. Such licks are especially important in ecosystems with poor general availability of nutrients. Harsh weather exposes salty mineral deposits that draw animals from miles away for a taste of needed nutrients. It is thought that certain fauna can detect calcium in salt licks.

6- Edible Salt and Salt Chunks

Edible salt is an essential ingredient in our daily life and for our daily intake.

Edible salt comes in white and pink colors in either ground form or in the form of Chunks or granules. All sizes have different uses and have different applications.

In Alfa Salts, we supply Ground form Salt in 20-30mesh, granular form salt in Pink or White color and also different sizes of Chunks. These all salt forms are made under strict hygiene conditions and by our professional team.